There are several theatres in Indianapolis that offer everything from Broadway productions to Shakespeare plays to fringe performances.


Indy Fringe Theatre performance in Indianapolis

One of the newest theatres is IndyFringe Theatre and it is ironically located on the edge or fringe of downtown in a cultural district called Mass Ave. – short for Massachusetts Avenue. The area is also well-known for its galleries and eateries.



Starting January 28, 2010, IndyFringe Theatre will host a family fun comedy called Slaying the Dragon. The play takes place in a fairytale world of kingdoms, knights, and dragons and is about a knight who has to choose between a princess with whom he has fallen in love and his best friend a fire-breathing dragon.


The comedy pokes fun at stereotypes and asks questions that are similar to why does the nice guy always get walked on? It provides storylines that might be a good conversation starter with the kids. It runs until February 7th.


While in the area, you might check out Yatz for affordable cajun food or Bazbeaux Pizza. MacNivens has good fish and chips and there are a lot of small independent galleries that are interesting. Call ahead though - hours vary.