Indianapolis is a major regional transportation hub for the Midwest. Interstate 465 circles the Circle City, linking the other major highways like spokes on a wheel. Interstate 69 runs north through Fort Wayne towards Toledo, OH and Detroit, MI. Interstate 70, a major east-west artery of the United States, extends east in the direction of Columbus, OH, and west towards St. Louis, MO. Interstate 65 heads north to Chicago, and south to Louisville, KY.

Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is the largest in Indiana, with a dozen major airlines.  It's a new airport and the first designed since 9-1-1; so, there are all kinds of new security considerations in place including a new Air Traffic Control Tower, new airport fire station and several behind the scene protective installations. It is also a major hub for FedEx.

luggage friendly restrooms 

The airport is  filled with public art and many conveniences that you won't find at most airports like bathroom doors that open outward (allowing you to bring your carry-on luggage into the stall). Each restroom also has a stall with a child seat in it - no more toddler opening the door while you're trying to take care of business.

Getting through ticketing and security is generally painless. A good way to get to two of Indiana's major universities, Purdue University and the University of Indiana, is by using the shuttle services dedicated to each. Tickets are generally inexpensive, and shuttles leave multiple times throughout the day. There is direct access to the airport from Interstate 70 at Exit 68, just west of Interstate 465. 

It has several independent restaurants and shops including a shop that incorporates items from several of the city's major attractions called Cultural Crossroads. The following restaurants and businesses are accessible to all airport visitors in the Civic Plaza area: Indianapolis 500 Grill, Patachou, McDonald's, Quick Service Food, Qdoba, Giorgio's Pizza, Civic Plaza Travel Mart, Cultural Crossroads, Brothers, Harley Davidson, Vinea, Starbucks, Johnston and Murphy, Lids, Brookstone, USA Today.

Concourse A
These restaurants are accessible only to passengers who have cleared a security checkpoint:
Starbucks, Harry and Izzy's, CNBC, Sterling Works, Artisan, Fruits and Passion, Vera Bradley, South Bend Chocolate, Hoosier Marketplace, Face Time, 96th Street Steakburgers, Green Leaf's and Bananas, Enroute Spa, Relay, TGIFriday's, Coldstone Creamery, Au Bon Pain.

Concourse B
These restaurants and businesses are accessible only to passengers who have cleared a security checkpoint: Camden Food Company, Relay, Champp's, Au Bon Pain, Just Pop In, Borders, Pacific Outfitters, Enroute Spa, USA Today, Indiana Marketplace, Wolfgang Puck Express, CNBC, Shapiro's, King David Dogs, Natalie's Candy Bar, Coldstone Creamery, Starbucks.

Indianapolis is a stop on Amtrak's Hoosier State and Cardinal routes. The Hoosier State line runs between Indianapolis and Chicago daily, and takes about four hours. The Cardinal line connects Chicago and New York City, and runs three times per week. The trip between Indianapolis and New York city takes an estimated twenty-two hours.

Greyhound buses has routes to other major cities.