In terms of weather, the best time to head to Wichita is probably in the fall.  This time of year is not as hot as the summer months, not as cold as the winter months and not rainy like the months of spring.  Summer temperatures in Wichita average ninety five degrees and can be humid, making it somewhat uncomfortable during the hottest days of the year.  Winter temperatures average twenty degrees during the coldest month, which is January, and it typically snows during the winter, so travelers who are not interested in cold weather should avoid the area during this time.

The rainy season in Wichita is in late spring, with May and June being the rainiest months of the year.  It usually rains approximately three weeks out of those two months, although not usually consecutively.  The two months prior to the rainy season and the three month following the rainy season are also relatively wet, averaging between two to three inches of rain each.  The least rainy months are the coldest months of winter but that is because there is snow instead of rain at that time.

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