Travelers interested in learning about the festivals taking place in the Wichita area will want to avail themselves of the services provided by Wichita Festivals ( which produces the two biggest festivals in the Wichita Area.  The Wichita River Festival, occurring each May, is one of the oldest festivals in the area and is enjoyed by more than three hundred thousand people each year.  It takes place over several blocks in Downtown Wichita and includes a variety of activities, performances, arts and crafts booths, parades and street parties, ending with fireworks.  The Wichita Flight Festival ( ) is a three day celebration of the importance of the world of aviation to the history of Wichita.  (For more information about this history, visit .)  It takes place each August and is another all-ages multi-activity event.

In addition to these events, there are numerous other annual events occurring in the area, such as the Midwest Winefest which happens each April.   Visitors can find information about upcoming events in advance at .   Travelers are reminded that autumn is an excellent time of year to visit the area (see ).   There are a number of events happening during this time in neighboring areas easy to reach from Wichita.   For example, the Kansas State Fair takes place in nearby Hutchinson and the Walnut Valley Festival takes place in Winfield, both in September.