The history of Wichita ( ) began nearly ten thousand years ago with the first Native American settlers in the area.  Throughout its long life, the area has gone through a number of transformations, making it a place rich with a variety of experiences.  Many of these are revived and commemorated in the museums of the area.  Some of the best Wichita museums to visit during a vacation in the area are:

  • Exploration Place ( ) is a complex with multiple museums as well as an outdoor living museum environment.  Good for all ages, this is an educational museum with interactive exhibits.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Allen Lambe House ( is a historic home highlighting the architectural achievements of the famous home designer.
  • Kansas Sports Hall of Fame ( is enjoyable for fans of all sports.
  • Museum of World Treasures ( ) is a museum complex which offers a little bit of something for everyone, with art displays, historical information from various periods and a restored castle enjoyed by all ages.
  • Old Cowtown Museum ( ) is a living museum where visitors can go to see re-enactments of the old way of life in the area, focusing on the history of the area in the late nineteenth century.
  • Wichita Art Musuem ( ) houses paintings from a range of famous American painters.
  • Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum ( is a very well done and inexpensive ($4) museum. The exhibits are topical to the Wichita area but cover things like the aircraft industry, the oil industry, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. The recreated garage with a 1916 Jones Six automobile and the 1890s "cottage", a Victorian house totally complete with furnishings and fixtures, etc. of the period are especially interesting.