Berea is a nice town of about 14,000 people and has several interesting shops that can be pretty much covered in a weekend.  Be advised, however, that many of the shops are closed on Sundays.  Berea College and crafts are the big draw as well as a new Artisan Center that is run by the state located off the Exit #77.  Berea is big on mountain crafts.  A good place to visit for crafts is "Old Town Berea" on Broadway Street.  Some may find these crafts overpriced.  The town tourism center is located there in the old railroad depot building as well as a variety of craft shops and artisans nearby. A very nice craft attraction is the Log House sales room in uptown Berea. Berea College students used to provide them with all of their items years ago, but now the Log House also purchases items from Appalachian craftspeople or somewhere else. The nearby Promenade Gallery has a more eclectic collection of art and crafts. A dulcimer maker named Warren May has a shop on the Main Street block and his shop is pretty neat to visit. Also located close by is the Appalachian Fireside Gallery on this block as well.

They have artisan fairs in Berea and the main ones are in the spring and fall.  People seem to like them when they come to visit.  Travel in from Exit #77 up 595 to Main Steet to the fairs as the other way from exit# 76 can get quite busy during the fair weekend. If you are more into antiques, downtown Berea has numerous shops along Chestnut Steet (the main drag into town) between Broadway (the entrance to Old Town) and City Hall. Make a trip west on State Road 21 (Exit#76) about one and half miles from I75 to Todd's Antique Mall on left. Johnny Todd is a very friendly and helpful owner. This is a large antique shop with nice stuff, not junk and not new stuff like you see at most antique malls these days. 

If you're interested in more than just shopping, you can get a tour of the College's campus conducted by a student; ask at Boone Tavern. 


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