Visitors to Lexington can choose from a number of public tour companies that offer half-day or longer tours of Lexington.  What they may not know is that there's another option - private tours.  They are conducted by guides who'd rather focus on one client's interests, rather than impose a pre-set itinerary on a group of visitors.  Private guides generally conduct their tours in a client's personal vehicle, rather than asking them to join 10 or more other visitors in a mini-bus or van.  A private guide can plan a 3-hour tour that might include one of the area's racetracks, a visit to a working horse farm, and some of Lexington's historic sites.  A full-day tour might add breakfast at the track kitchen, a second farm, a bourbon distillery, or a craft-junket to a nearby town.

The Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau's website - - contains a listing of private guides, as does the state's tourism website -  While fees will vary, most private guides base their fees on the length of a tour, rather than the number of people taking it - so private tours can be very cost-effective for groups of 2 or more.