Although food is people of Baton Rouge 's favorite thing, shopping is not far behind. With two malls, an outlet mall, boutiques for women, men and children and antique malls, you are sure to find what you are looking for. With so many unique gift shops, you may need more than one day to soak it all in.

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A wide variety of shopping venues in Baton Rouge include upscale shopping at the Mall of Louisiana, Towne Center, Bocage Village and Perkins Rowe. Also, spend a day perusing the unique stores in the eclectic Mid-city area with thrift stores, antiques, art galleries and more.  

The Baton Rouge Arts Market

The Baton Rouge Arts Market is a first Saturday of the month tradition in the city’s historic downtown district. Festive, friendly and good natured, this event holds court with the Red Stick Farmer’s Market, another institution in the city. Visitors who journey to the Baton Rouge Arts Market can find an oasis of treasures such as handmade jewelry, special crafts, pottery, hand-bound books, stained glass, sculptures, mosaics, and a wide selection of other personalized artwork that is unique. Fresh varieties of produce, coffee, live music, food and other sundries are part of the laid back atmosphere that makes the Market experience distinct. Popular and new artisans from southern Louisiana and Mississippi display their ample talents and artistry through the work they create and sell. They also are accessible for visitors to chat with.

Families are welcome to come by to browse, buy some seasonable fruits and vegetables, sip on a java, visit with artisans, purchase gifts and enjoy the fresh air. A Kids Booth is set up for children to test out their own skills and interests by making one-of-a-kind artistic creations, while  parents explore and pick out some rare finds by themselves. The Markets are located at 300 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA.