Located on the ocean and in the upper-east corner of the United States, Boothbay Harbor can see some wild weather and rough sea storms. It is a four-season ocean climate and weather plays a big role in the way of life here. It also dictates the season you should plan to visit. The winter weather can get very cold with bitter winds and the spring can be quite unpredictable so trips should be planned in as late of spring as possible to avoid the winds and storms.

Summer and fall are without a doubt, the best times to visit Boothbay Harbor. Warm weather lasts through early autumn until cooler temperatures are brought in during October. Boothbay Harbor is a hotspot for those interested in sailing and of course, they should plan their trip around this time as well.

The summer sees a lot of people out and about in Boothbay Harbor, the locals are actively outdoors as are the tourists. You can also plan around some fun festivals over the summer. Windjammer Days Festival  takes place in late June and includes concerts, boat parades, Coast Guard vessel tours, food, fireworks, and more. Mid-July sees the Boothbay Harbor Jazz Weekend and fills the city with soulful sounds.  In September Boothbay hosts the Harbor Fest.


 BOOTHBAY HARBOR-from Weather.com- temperatures shown are somehwat different from postings shown elsewhere on TripAdvisor

Jan29°F13°F21°F3.83 in.57°F (2007)-20°F (1981)
Feb33°F17°F25°F3.57 in.60°F (1981)-18°F (1993)
Mar41°F25°F33°F4.41 in.85°F (1998)-9°F (1982)
Apr53°F35°F44°F4.22 in.86°F (1976)12°F (1995)
May65°F44°F55°F4.12 in.94°F (1992)27°F (1986)
Jun73°F53°F63°F3.87 in.93°F (1988)36°F (1986)
Jul78°F59°F69°F3.43 in.98°F (1977)44°F (1965)
Aug76°F58°F67°F3.11 in.101°F (1975)36°F (1965)
Sep68°F51°F60°F3.94 in.93°F (2002)27°F (1965)
Oct56°F41°F49°F4.38 in.82°F (1968)21°F (1972)
Nov46°F32°F39°F5.10 in.71°F (1990)3°F (1989)
Dec35°F21°F28°F4.35 in.64°F (1982)-20°F (1980)
Boothbay Harbor, Maine(04538) Weather Facts
  • On average, the warmest month is July.