Visitors to Camden , Maine have a few options for getting around, which include by rental car, taxi, and bus. 

            Having a personal vehicle at one’s expense allows more freedom and flexibility than any other transportation options available in Camden .  In fact, some would say that cars are necessary while traveling within the United States .  Large areas with poor public transportation options result in an automobile-dependent society, which is exactly what most of the US (including Maine ) has become.  There are a few Rental Car Companies located in Camden , but most people choose to rent cars at the airport to which they arrive, generally being The Portland International Jetport (an hours drive away), The Bangor International Airport (an hours drive away), or The Boston Logan Airport (a few hours drive away).

            Taxis are a good option for getting around the immediate area of Camden . There are a few Taxi Companies based in the city, which should be called in advance to arrange for a pickup.  It is nearly impossible to catch a cab on the street, so plan ahead. 

            There is a public bus system with routes that connect the major areas around the city of Camden .  For information about routes and timetables, visit the bus station in town, or the city information center.