The Secret of Maine


What lies beyond the edge of your travel map.....


 Nestled half way between the rocky shore line of Black Point and the Southern Edge of Sebago Lakes has been a quiet secret for over 250 years. It doesn't stand out among the hustle of the summer vacation destinations nor has it ever loudly called attention to itself. Yet over the years the town of Gorham has quietly provided many of the great activities that millions of people who come to Maine are searching for each year.

Those that find those treasures often have only stumbled onto them by accident.  By most appearances, Gorham is over looked as just a year round bedroom community without much to offer. Within this secret lies many treasures found by the few and lucky. And you will find them beyond the edge of your travel Map.

Gorham stretches from the coastal town of Scarborough northward to within the reaches of Sebago lake. A town of 50 square miles and almost 16,000 residents represents all that people love and know as the Maine brand.  Most notably, Gorham is home to the University of Southern Maine.  USM features a top rated music conservatory providing professional music, dance and theatre through most of the year. Just down the hill from USM is the heart of Gorham village. A charming Maine village with a great deal of character. 

Within this intimate village and all within walking distance you will find a variety of places to eat. From the locally owned Gorham House of Pizza to Sebago Breweryfeaturing great beer brewed right in Gorham to the upscalePineCrest Inn Restaurant. If its not the fine American cuisine of the PineCrest Inn Restaurant or the Pub food of Sebago Brewery or great local pizza from GHOP or across the street at Amato's, you will find one of the best Thai Restaurants (Lucky Thai) or a truly local seafood dive (Ocean Gardens) Ocean Gardens is home to one of the best lobster deals in Maine.

Since your Maine Lobster comes from the same ocean and is often boiled in the same water, your choice is just how much do you want to pay for it. Ocean Gardens has a triple lobster deal that ranges from $21 to $25 for three lobsters depending on the time of year. Also located in the village is Tree House Cafe, winner of the 2008 Golden Spoon Award for the taster’s choice for the best submission during the 2008 Gorham Taste Walk.

Hidden away in Gorham you will find Foggs Antique Shop, a basement treasure trove of collectibles and reproduction pieces. Give yourself some time because you will want to talk to David Fogg , the proprietor. He has an immense knowledge of Gorham its history and is an experience all by himself. You will want to ask about his rare collection of Portland Glass. Another unique little shop hidden away on a side street is Grandma's Attic. An amazing collection of collectibles and vintage items well worth a little stop. However, Grandma's attic is best enjoyed when you call ahead and make an appointment. Within the village you can experience ball room dancing at the Dance Studio of Maine, or art classes at the Art Guru and of course a village would never be complete without its charming locally owned coffee shop (Gorham Grind) and home to live music every Sunday afternoon.

Gorham also features miles of trails, although locating a map to these trails is difficult but you can always find an entrance to the trail system and walk or bike until you are tired and then turn around and head back to your starting point. Gorham has such a great deal of space and nestled away are many farms that provide that one of a kind experience. From the Famous - Maple houses like Merrifield Farm to the nearby Hearts and Horses, you will find Agra-entertainment and more. Apple farms are great places to relax and take long walks in the fall enjoying the color of the trees.    

Although Gorham is not a town where you will find discount lodging. It is home to the top rated PineCrest Bed and Breakfast Inn. A 7 room Inn with amenities galore, great rates and an abundance of detail. You will want to book ahead since finding a room open during the summer is near to impossible. The PineCrest is also home to monthly house concerts, another must stop on your Maine travels. Just north of the PineCrest is Dragon Fly Farms. Dragon Fly Farmsprovides lodging and is the host of many artists who come for weekly visits to work, paint and create art. You won't find any additional lodging in Gorham so your closest point will be South Portland and Scarborough. There you will find every major hotel chain with a great deal of lodging options.

Travel Times from Gorham to other Maine destinations:

  1. 15 mintues to Old Port/Portland
  2. 35 minutes to Freeport and LL. Beans
  3. 40 minutes to Kennebunk
  4. 50 minutes to Kittery and Outlets
  5. 25 minutes to Naples
  6. 45 minutes to Bridgton and Shawnea Peak Ski Area
  7. 60 minutes to North Conway NH and Outlet Shopping
  8. 20 minutes to Sebago Lake State Park