Many beach towns are small, safe havens whose population swell to perhaps uncomfortable levels in summer. Kennebunkport is a beach town whose population swells, but without too many growing pains.

Unlike many beach towns, the crime rate in Kennebunkport doesn’t increase along with the summer population.

In fact, Kennebunkport is the safest town in Maine, with nearly no reported incidence of violent crimes for the past few years. It’s overall crime rate 2003, of .5 crimes per 100,000 people places in the category of one of the safest towns in America.

Therefore, Kennebunkport is considered a generally safe town to visit and live in, but there are basic precautions you should take when traveling there, which are similar to visits to just about anywhere.

If you do have a car in Kennebunkport, be sure to secure it when you leave it (ie., don’t leave it unlocked with the windows down) and put your valuables in the trunk. Even in Kennebunkport, a criminal mind might decide to act on a crime of convenience.

If you’re doing some shopping in the cute little Kennebunkport shopping district, don’t carry a great deal of cash and don’t leave your credit card or other personal information available to anyone.