Since most people head to a beach town to enjoy the beach in some capacity, be sure to head to Kennebunkport in the summer, but even then, be sure to bring a sweater and something warmer than shorts and flip flops.

The weather in Kennebunkport can change with the wind, so a nice sunny day can quickly turn cold and foggy and often does, even in the peak summer months.

In the summer months, temperatures can reach into the 80s, but more likely they will sit in the 70s,or – depending on the day – even lower. At any time of year , you might find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm. In June, July and August, fog is common along the coastline.

Fall is beautiful in Kennebunkport, since the area enjoys the famous New England fall “colors”, but it’s beginning to get cold in Kennebunkport in the fall, with temperatures averaging 68 and 58 in September and October, respectively. Around Thanksgiving is when winter arrives, and Kennebunkport gets cold, though certainly not in a Northern climate kind of way. Average high temperatures in December and January are 37 and 31 degrees, respectively, with lows in the teens.

Kennebunkport gets about 48 inches of rain a year and 60 inches of snow.