The main tourist information center in York is located within a structure which is far more interesting than those of most tourist information offices and visitor’s centers all throughout the country.  The center is located within Jefferds’ Tavern (, a historic “saltbox” from the eighteenth century which has been renovated by the Old York Historical Society.  It is located at the corner of York Street and Lindsay Road and offers visitor’s free parking to facilitate visits to the area.  The office can be reached by telephone at (207) 363-4021.  Alternatively, questions can be addressed to the office via email at which is the general information email address for the Old York Historical Society (

It should be noted that the Jefferds’ Tavern visitor’s center is only open during the busy summer months.  Travelers heading to the area during other times of the year as well as travelers seeking information in addition to that provided by the official tourist information office should seek such information from the official town office.  That office is located at 186 York Street and is open Monday through Friday (except Wednesdays) from eight in the morning until four thirty in the afternoon.  They can be reached by phone at (207) 363-1000.