Due to its touristy nature, there are many different options for public transportation in Ocean City. Full details and current fares are available on Ocean City's transportation webpage.

Boardwalk Tram

The first option is the city's boardwalk tram. The tram is an open vehicle, and not unlike a series of golf carts linked together. The tram runs the length of the boardwalk, from the inlet to 27th street, and riders are allowed to descend at will. The tram operates every day during the summer from 10 am to midnight. During October, the tram runs only during weekdays. Fares are charged is per one-way ride with no transfers available to/from other modes of transit.

Coastal Highway Transit Bus

This bus travels along Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia Avenue and Coastal highway from the South Division Street Transit Center to the North End Transit Center. The bus operates year-round, making seasonal service adjustments. During peak season, the bus runs every 5-7 minutes from noon until 3 am, with lower frequency between 3 am and noon. During fall and spring, frequency drops to every 15 minutes, or every 30 minutes during the late night and early morning hours. In the winter, frequency is 30 minutes at all times. One ticket allows a passenger to ride an unlimited amount during a twenty-four hour period beginning at 6 am.


There is also a trolley that runs in the downtown area. The route begins at the depot on Somerset St. and proceeds north to the Convention Center before returning to the depot. One ticket allows a passenger to ride all day.