H. M. Krentz is an authentic working 70 foot long Skipjack sailing vessel.  There are often several of these famous oyster harvesting boats in different stages of restoration on the grounds of the Maritime Museum.  This beautiful and fully functional working example is used year round for tours and actual oyster dredging when tourist season is over.   

Ed Farley, her captain, is  Coast Guard certified with room on board ship for just over 30 passengers.  Skipjack sailing vessels have a flat and wide design to allow harvesting oysters over the side.  As a result the ship tracks straight and flat with very little "heeling" or tilt which some that are new to sailing may well find a big plus. 

Captain Farley possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Bay ecology and local history having served the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for six year as a lecturer.  During this period he carried over ten thousand children on field trips throughout the bay.  It is his passion to share the secrets of his lifetime working the waters as a "dredgerman ." 

There are very few surviving examples of this way of life. If you have ever seen a beautiful Skipjack and dreamed of sailing her back in time to an earlier way of American life, here is a once in a lifetime chance to do just that. 

H.M.Krentz is currently docked at the Maritime Museum.  Two hour tours and private charters may be obtained by calling (410) 745-6080 and going directly to the Website-www.oystercatcher.com.  Highly recommended.