Located in Middlesex County approximately 30 miles northwest of Boston, Chelmsford is a town of about 33,000. It was founded in 1653 by settlers from Woburn and Concord and was incorporated in 1655. It originally contained the neighboring towns of Carlisle and Westford, as well as parts of Lowell. Chelmsford is named for Chelmsford, England and is the only town in the United States so named. Ralph Waldo Emerson opened a school in Chelmsford in 1825, closing it after a few months to take over his brother's school in Roxbury.  

Chelmsford , Massachusetts was the birthplace of the Chelmsford Spring Co. in 1901, which later became the Chelmsford Ginger Ale Company, acquired by Canada Dry in 1928. The ginger ale plant, rebuilt in 1912 after a disastrous fire consumed the original plant, stood on Route 110 until its demolition in 1994. The Chelmsford brand of golden ginger ale was then bought by Schweppes. The ginger ale is manufactured today by DeMoulas' Market Basket Supermarkets, based out of neighboring Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The town celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2005.