Cohasset is a lovely little seaside town on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  It's closer to Boston than Cape Cod, but offers a gorgeous coastline, with many of its beaches covered in pebbles rather than sand.  "Sandy Beach" is the town's only public beach, but be warned - you'll need a resident sticker to park there, so go with a local.

Cohasset is a residential town more so than a tourist destination, but offers several fine hotels, the Red Lion Inn and the Cohasset Harbor Resort

Cohasset Village, a two block strip of restaurants and shops, is a as close as Cohasset comes to having a downtown, but it's charming and has a few excellent spots to explore.  Walk around the village green before hitting the shops.  It has a lovely duck pond with a fountain and centers on First Parish of Cohasset, a gorgeous 1700s meeting house with a clock tower.  The green is surrounded by many fine examples of colonial architeture, which have been very well preserved.  This is such a quintessential New England town that it has been featured in many movies, including the Witches of Eastwick and Houseguest. 

For fine dining, Bia Bistro recently opened.  French Memories is a wonderful bakery cafe.