Filmed largely in Edgartown, its outer harbor and on Chappaquiddick, Jaws was the summer blockbuster of 1975.  The book Jaws, by Peter Benchley, remains a popular thriller even today.  A perfect read for the beach!?!  Also consider reading one of several books about the making of the movie such as On Location on Martha’s Vineyard: The Making of the Movie Jaws, by Judith Blake, or The Jaws Log, by Carl Gottlieb.

Philip R. Craig has written a 20+ book series of murder mysteries taking place on Martha’s Vineyard, the most recent of which Vineyard Prey was published in June 2006.  Most books in the series received positive reviews on Amazon and visitors to the island seem to enjoy the local area references.  The author, also an amateur chef, is know for including several island recipes in each book.

For even better recommendations on local reading, be sure to visit Bickerton & Ripley Books on Main Street in Edgartown.  This bookstore features a large collection of books on Vineyard topics and by Vineyard authors as well as regular book signings.  The store’s management is knowledgeable and happy to make recommendations.