The city of Gloucester has a long maritime tradition; over 10,000 men have died in the last 350 years as they tried to make a living from the sea. The coast here is rocky and often dangerous with strong surfs or storms, but the beaches are some of the most beautiful in New England. Many movies, books and paintings have been inspired by the scenic beauty of this town. Rudyard Kipling’s Captains Courageous, written in 1897, was set in Gloucester; a movie starring Spencer Tracy was later made of this book. A more recent book-to-film adaptation featuring Gloucester is The Perfect Storm (book written by Sebastian Junger, film directed by Wolfgang Petersen), which featured George Clooney as the main character. It is based on the real tragedy of the Andrea Gail, a ship based in Gloucester that went down in a storm in 1991.v Other movies in which this small seaport have played a role are Moonlight Mile, The Love Letter, and Stuck on You.