Main Street, although it has it's fair share of "touristy" type shops, with T-shirts and Cape Cod t-shirts. There are some hidden gems, along the street. Including the Army Navy shop, which has an upscale store, with designer merchandise next store. There also, Sea Breeze, which has classy cape cod type clothes, and other beautiful things. Purtain Clothes, is a Hyannis Main street staple. Plush and Plunder is a charming vintage store. Second Time Around, which is next to Dunkin Donuts on the corner of sea street and main, has everything from furniture, tons of great cheap cape cod stuff, accessories, vintage clothes and jewerly, gifts, clothes, formal dresses, everything you can possibly imagine, and the prices are really great. Shauna's and Andi Carole, both on Sea St, past Dunkin Donuts are elegant  stores.  The type you'd except to see on Newbury St. in Boston, not on Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Mall, in Hyannis is your average mall, and not that exciting, it has a Barnes and Noble, and a Marshalls, and also a merry-go around inside it for kids. Not as good as the Merry-Go round on Main Street, which is beautiful.