Feedback forum list cross-reference - list sorted by TripAdvisor response


This secondary list gives the ideas listed in the main Feedback forum list sorted by the actions TA is taking or expects to take. Please, do not add new ideas to this list. TA staff may choose to recategorize list items or clarify their responses; it would be appreciated if anyone editing the main list would take a moment to modify this list to match, if that seems necessary or helpful. Expect this list to lag behind the main list, as that list has priority for updates and maintenance.

This list is in a second Traveler Article, instead of being appended to the main Feedback forum list, because it is much easier to edit that way.


Working on it


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-21

  • Idea: On review and forum pages, clearly display the number of reviews and posts a member has made (near their avatar/screen name).
  • TA Comment: This is important to us, too, and we’re actively working on it.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-5

  • Idea: Surface Traveler Articles so that forums users see them before asking questions.
  • TA Comment: Actively working on this!

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-9

  • Idea: Allow creation of Traveler Articles for non-destination forums, including the TripAdvisor Support and Feedback forums.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Actively working on this! In the meantime, you can create a Traveler Article for a non-destination forum in Newton, MA and we’ll put a sticky in the forum that links to it. PM TA_Sara if you’d like to have a Traveler Article/sticky added for your non-destination forum.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-8

  • Idea: Integrate weather or a weather button.
  • TA Comment: Working on it. Look for version 1 in the not-too-distant future.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-15

  • Idea: If a topic is closed, make it more obvious up-front. Often, a member reads through an entire thread, only to find out they can’t reply to the thread.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We agree this is frustrating and are actively working on signifying a topic's "Closed" status from the topic list. Coming soon.


On our list


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-6

  • Idea: Close inactive threads to prevent people from replying to them.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: On our immediate list. We’ll close inactive threads after 6 months (as many other sites do). Coming soon.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-22

  • Idea: Make it easier to find the opinions of other travelers like me (same age, preferences, travel needs and style, geographic location, etc…)
  • TA Comment: We’re currently thinking about the best way to approach this, but it’s on our list of projects for the not-too-distant future.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-7

ID: Country_Wife_02/25/09-02

  • Idea: Provide downloadable files for printing TA-logo name tags, and maybe table signs and posters, for TA member meetups. Originally proposed by unclegus.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We think it's a great idea, and it's on our list. We don't have the details worked out yet though. 

Looking into it—technical issues


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-3

  • Idea: Create special interest or special event forums within destinations. Examples: Calgary Stampede or Boston Marathon.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Looking into it, but not currently possible with our forums software. We will also think about alternate ways of addressing this request.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-4

  • Idea: Make the Help Center searchable and much more visible/easy to access. This will help people get the answers they need and prevent unnecessary questions in the Support and Feedback forums.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We’re looking into ways to make the Help Center more visible across the site. Regarding search, with the current Help Center infrastructure, we cannot set up a simple search. We’d like to add that feature as soon as we revamp the Help Center.

ID: Country_Wife_02/18/09

  • Idea: Allow members to preview postings (WYSIWYG) before submitting them. There are often differences between the way a message looks on the input screen, and the way it looks when viewed after being posted to the forum. Having a preview ability (similar to that currently available in Traveler Articles like this) would be helpful, and might serve as a surrogate for an edit function.  Originally proposed by RescueTeam.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We think this is a great idea and are trying to find a way to make this happen within our current platform restrictions. On our radar for the not-too-distant future.

ID: Officer_Dibble_02/20/09

  • Idea: List the "Inappropriate Post" drop down options in  alphabetical order
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: It would be possible for us to change the order with a little tweaking on the back-end, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on the way these items should be organized. If/when we do undertake this project, we're leaning towards putting the reasons in order of frequency of use. . 

Looking into it—non-technical issues or lower priority


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-11

  • Idea: Offer a printer-friendly option for forum threads (and saved trip info, too):=.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Not on our radar right now. It might coincide nicely with an overall upgrade to our forums platform, but we don’t have immediate plans for this.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-12

  • Idea: Allow members to submit photos directly from a mobile phone.
  • Link:
  • TA Comments: It’s on our radar, but we’re waiting to see if there would be a lot of interest in this and whether people would use it. So far we have not seen a lot of expressed interest, but that doesn't mean it's not there. Thoughts?? PM TA_Sara

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-20

  • Idea: Optimize TA for Blackberry browsers.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We’re looking into this. Because it would require significant work, we want to make sure it would be well-used across a few mobile browsers


May be/will be incorporated in future site redesign(s)


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-11

  • Idea: Offer a printer-friendly option for forum threads (and saved trip info, too):=.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Not on our radar right now. It might coincide nicely with an overall upgrade to our forums platform, but we don’t have immediate plans for this

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-17

  • Idea: Add sorting options in the Contributions tab of the Member Profile.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Not on our radar right now, but we will keep it in mind if/when we decide to redesign the Member Profile area in the future. 

ID: TA_Sara_02/20/09

  • Idea: While a member is crafting their post on the Post a Reply page, show the last (or last few) posts, rather than just the Original Post.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We think this is a great idea, and it's on our list of desired forums enhancements. It will need to be prioritized along with other large-scale, live-site projects, so we'll keep you posted.

 ID: Country_Wife_02/20/09-01

  • Idea: Create a way for individual members to save links to their favorite forums, for fast & easy access without searching.Originally proposed by Bluecuzco.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: If we decide to overhaul our member profile area, this would be a great piece of the project. We could have a Forums tab similar to the current Subscriptions tabs where you'd be able to create a list of favorite forums. Work on the member profile area is not on our immediate radar, but we'll be sure to think about this suggestion when it is. For the time being, I found it helpful to create a trip folder called Forums, then add a custom item for each forum on your fave list. Click the Add Custom Info button to add a custom item. Pick a name for the item (i.e. the forum name) and enter the URL. It automatically hyperlinks the URL. Works well for me!

Probably won't happen/No immediate plans



  • Idea: Require email verification at registration to combat trolls
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We don’t think a double opt-in will do much to combat trolls. Regarding Private Message spam, we’re actively working on a way to prevent it (more on that soon).

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-2

  • Idea: Cut down on fake reviews. Require some kind of verification by hotels that a person stayed at their property. Force users to wait a certain amount of days between when they register and when they can post their first review.
  • TA Comment: We don’t think that requiring verification will improve the honesty of reviews. A hotelier could simply choose not to verify any review that’s negative. We've never required users to wait before writing a review (or posting to the forums), and we don't see any evidence that doing so would eliminate fake reviews. Plus, a huge percentage of reviewers write a review on their first day as TA members, and we want these people to share their experiences with other travelers.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-11

  • Idea: Offer a printer-friendly option for forum threads (and saved trip info, too):=.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Not on our radar right now. It might coincide nicely with an overall upgrade to our forums platform, but we don’t have immediate plans for this.


  • Idea:  Allow members to edit their own posts.  There have been several mentions of how best to do this.  Allow before a certain lapse of time, allow at any time, but with an "edited by  _  at (time stamp), allow only if there is no post following, etc. 

  • Link:

  • TA Comment: We don't have plans to do this right now, but we hope that implementing preview functionality (see ID# Country_Wife_02/18/09) will help to address this problem in the short term. 

Not going to happen


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-16

  • Idea: Increase RSS feed descriptions from 90 characters to a few hundred
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: No plans to do this. Based on experience, we believe this would lead to people collecting and displaying TA content (the content written by our community) without permission.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-18

  • Idea: Posts in the Support and Feedback forums shouldn’t count towards Post Count.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Actually, we think they should count, as they are just as valuable to us and to the community as posts made in other non-destination or destination forums.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-19

  • Idea: Create a new travel map view to allow a merged display of multiple members' maps.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Not on our roadmap at this time. Based on the usage of the travel map and Cities I’ve Visited, we don’t think this feature would be well-used. However, we’d be very interested to know what inconvenience or problem you are trying to solve with this idea. Maybe we can think of an alternate way to solve it.



Responses that aren't readily categorized

(unique situations/unclear responses)


ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-14

  • Idea: Filter hotel searches to include only all-inclusive properties.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We agree that this would be a valuable feature. We’d like to do this, but need to think about where we can fit it in with other priorities.

ID: TAStaff_02/12/09-13

  • Idea: From the list of topics in a forum, provide a mouse-over preview of topic content.
  • Link:
  • TA Comments: We definitely understand the sentiment, and there’s a possibility that we could provide a fly-out showing the content of the OP (original post). However, we think this might actually clutter up the page and annoy the majority of users more than help them. A good alternate solution would be for posters to write more description post titles.

ID: Country_Wife_02/25/09-01

  • Idea:  Create a "Smart Traveler" forum for questions that are not directly related to any destination but are still clearly travel-related. E.g. packing tips.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: We're always interested in your ideas for new non-geo forums! How about if we call this one Travel Tips? (I'm open to better ideas.) What subjects do you envision being discussed in a forum like this? PM TA_Sara if you have thoughts on this.

ID: Country_Wife_02/25/09-02

  • Idea: Have a calendar for each destination where people can add upcoming festivals and events for the benefit of travellers. Originally proposed by Suzy_flag.
  • Link:
  • TA Comment: Great idea, and we've thought about doing this by giving the DEs in each location ownership over their destination's calendar.'s not on our roadmap for the immediate future because we have some other fun things in the works. For instance, we're working on surfacing the Traveler Articles for each destination and getting the DEs more involved in sharing insider information like popular festivals and events.


No formal TA response yet

ID: Country_Wife_02/20/09-02