In terms of getting around Plymouth itself, public transportation is not a viable option.  (Additional information about getting around Plymouth itself is available at ).  However, in terms of getting around the surrounding area, for day trips and the like, public transportation is terrific.

Travelers can get around Plymouth County using the public bus system (GATRA) and they will generally find that it is relatively easy to reach major local tourist attractions in the surrounding area via this method of transport.   The American Public Transportation Association ( ), also known as APTA, is the governmental organization which runs the bus system in the area.   Buses run from Plymouth to other locations in the city.

During the summer, America's Hometown Shuttle runs daily connecting popular destinations in downtown Plymouth and nearby areas. America's Hometown Shuttle is a narrated sightseeing tour that departs from the downtown waterfront area and connects to P&B and GATRA buses as well. 

There is also a commuter train and a local ferry system which travelers can use to get to various parts of the surrounding area.   The local ferry system is operated by Captain John Boats ( ) and runs from Plymouth to Provincetown .   The local bus system is the Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company ( ) which travelers spending time in Plymouth frequently use for day trips to Boston or Cape Cod. 

Additional information about all transportation options within Plymouth County is available at the Plymouth County website ( ). User reviews of the public transportation there can be found online at .