Provincetown, with a population just under 4,000, has been one of the most vibrant and important cultural centers for its size in the country. The town has for more than a century been a hub of artistic activity—countless painters and artists have called Provincetown home. Pulitzer Prize winners Norman Mailer and Mary Oliver still have residences in P-Town, and in the past other luminaries from Tennessee Williams to Eugene O’Neil to Robert Motherwell lived and produced great works on the tip of the Cape.

Provincetown, both as a cause and result of its thriving artistic community, is also one of America’s most open-minded and accepting communities. People of all colors, creeds and persuasions call the town home—in the 1960s, Provincetown was a veritable mini-San Francisco or Greenwich Village, a hippie hotspot and counterculture center. Since the 1970s, the town also has embraced its active and growing gay community—the Gay Carnival, held in August, is now a world-famous spectacle that brings out people of all orientations to enjoy the excitement.  

With tons of galleries and shops, great restaurants and beautiful beaches, Provincetown is truly a vacation spot that will feel like home to anyone—no matter who you are.