Ascending 252-feet into the Provincetown sky and visible from nearly everywhere around town, the massive gray stone Pilgrim Monument is more than just a nice place to look at (and to look from—the tallest structure in P-Town by far, the 10-minute ascent up its 116 steps is well worth it, as it yields incredible views of the town, sprawling beaches and ocean beyond).

No, the monument, which was erected in 1910 to commemorate the arrival of the Pilgrims on P-Town’s shores (yes, it was Provincetown not Plymouth that was their first landing spot, and they stayed in the town for 5 weeks, even signing the historic Mayflower Compact in the Provincetown Harbor), is also notable for marking the site of the Provincetown Museum below. The Museum contains exhibits detailing all of the town’s past and present, from the Pilgrim days to the whaling era to tourist times.

P-Town is also known for its long-thriving artistic community. Celebrating the artists of the town’s history and its current greats, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum , founded in 1914 and located at 460 Commercial Street, showcases the best the town has to offer and is always adding to its collection, so multiple visits are always a good idea.