It all began in 1967 when Herbert and Ina Hahn bought a farm two miles north of Rockport and they coverted in into a multidisciplinary venue for the arts. Over the years, Windhover Center for the Performing Arts has been the regional hub for performing and art learning and creation.  Prestigious artists, from sculptures to playwrights have offered workshops in the studios. Dancers Betty Jones and Risa Steinberg, cellist David Szepessy and playwright George Angel are among the artists that have promoted artistic creation having adults and kids as students.

The center has also produced a collection of succesful musicals and theatre productions that include dances of Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman by the Windhover Dance Company; Dogtown Common staged by George Angell, Peter Gynt in 1988, Ina Hahn  coreographed Las Meninas Variations; and The Battle for Pigeon Cove.

Some of the events scheduled for 2006 include "A New Dance for America" by The Windhover Dance Company performing works of Doris Humphrey and the two day symposium on Humphrey's tecnique.