The historical claim to fame for Sandwich , Massachusetts is that it is the oldest town located in Cape Cod .  It was first established in 1637, when Puritans came to the area to set up a new community.  As a result, the history of the area is one which includes ties to the religious history of America .  For this reason, a number of the historical sites in the city are religious sites.  For example, travelers can visit the Greek Revival Town Hall which has been serving religious worshippers in the area since the early nineteenth century.

The history of the area has been well-preserved not only in its religious structures but also in the homes of the city.  The homes which were built throughout the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries held friendly people who lived quiet lives.  Today, the individual histories of those people are remembered in the history of the homes which are still standing.

In the early twentieth century, the area of Cape Cod became a haven for artists and writers who were looking to spend time to themselves to create.  Sandwich became an area where famous names flocked to get a bit of time away from the busy city life in Boston or New York .  Following them came the tourists who began to make Sandwich a summer home.

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