Dinning in Waltham MA

 Many people don’t know about Waltham and all that it has.  It is filled with a ton of great restaurants that offer unique foods.  Lexington Street turns into Moody Street.  Moody Street is where most of the places are. There is a Spanish Tapas place that also offers great Sangria.  In the summer time they open up the windows and it is like you are sitting right outside.  The décor inside is very Spanish and beautiful.  Also on Moody Street is an Indian restaurant., the table was waste level, so your feet dangle in a hole in the floor.  It makes you feel like you are sitting on the floor.  There are also some great bars in the area. Margaritas has an outdoor patio that over looks water. The food is delicious too! There is an ice cream parlor called Lizzy’s on the street.  They make homemade ice cream and it is fantastic.


Moody Street is also home to many small boutique stores.  They are loaded with unique gifts or things for your house.  Some of them are very modern and trendy. 


It is a fun place to visit if you are looking for somewhere to eat outside of  Boston. You don’t have to spend the time looking for parking and you will avoid the high price of food and drinks.