As mentioned in the Background page, Westford does have a few main attractions within town limits.  Nashoba Valley Ski Area is one which draws skiers every year to it's short, steep slopes.  The Outlook Restaurant is also a popular destination, for both skiers and non-skiers just looking for a nice place to have dinner.


Nabnasset Country Club is a 9-hole course that has been in Westford for years.  The holes are generally a little shorter than most other courses, which is helpful for those who can't quite drive the ball as far as they'd like to.


Kimball Farms Ice Cream Stand draws patrons all summer long.  Even a "small" cup or cone is bigger than a sundae at most other places, and a large is just not meant to be eaten by one person.  Lines are long on nice nights, and tend to move much slower than one would expect.  After ice cream (or before), there is a large mini-golf course (actually two courses in one), a bumper boat pool, a driving range, a 9-hole par 3 golf course, and a driving range within the property limits.


Like most towns in Massachusetts, Westford still manages to keep some areas without buildings, construction, and houses.  There are a number of trails for easy walking, including the Bird Sanctuary trail and the Grassy Pond trail.  Most maps of the town should have these marked on them.  Grassy Pond is used for swimming in the summer, and is a popular ice skating spot in the winter months.