With Detroit recently celebrating its tricentennial, there's no shortage of books to read about the city, its history, sports, etc. Some of the books to have by your bedside table before you trek off to the land of Motown and Ford Motor Company are:

"Dancing in the Streets" by Suzanne Smith which chronicles the history of Motown Records and the artists that made this city famous.

"Middlesex: A Novel" by Jeffrey Eugenides.  A wonderful novel about growing up in Detroit during the races riots.  Learn to appreciate the true his/herstory of it all.

"The 100 Yard War" by Greg Emmanuel. This books details the bitter rivalry between the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes, most recently named the "greatest sports rivalry in history" by the United States Congress. The book covers all the games, going back to the first in 1897 all the way up to present day. A must for any sports fantatic.

"Michigan Off the Beaten Path - 7th Edition" by Jim DuFresne. Sure, plenty of people know about Motown, about Ford, about the great sports scene in Detroit but for those who really want to get to know the area like a local, this is the book to start with.

"Detroit: Across Three Centuries" by Richard Bak. Get a historical look at Detroit through pictures and text that illustrate just what the past 300 years have meant to the city.