Colleges and Universities

Grand rapids is the home to a number of colleges, universities and art schools. Among the most well known schools in Grand Rapids (which are all located within a mile of each other downtown) are the following:

Grand Valley State University

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University

Grand Rapids Community College


As Grand Rapids is often termed as part of the "Bible belt" of west michigan (due to the number of churches in the are) there are also a number of religious colleges to attend. Calvin College ( happens to entertain to a larger genre of students and often hosts free movie nights along with popular mainstream bands.

Student Housing

Student housing in the area is cheap and affordable and also located very close to Downtown. Many of the schools have dorms, but some like Kendall College of Art and Design are currently trying to convert and renovate buildings in the downtown area to student housing. Sometimes living in outlying areas like Jenison and Hudsonville offer a cheaper living experience with a short commute into town.