Downtown neighborhoods in Grand Rapids include Eastown, Baxter Neighborhood, Heritage Hill, and Heartside District.

 Eastown: home of the young, the intellectual, or both, Eastown is the happening downtown artsy area, replete with coffee shops, boutiques, bars, small restaurants, and expensive housing. East Grand Rapids High School, which is walking distance from the commercial areas, is known for its great sports teams and is one of the more desirable school districts in Grand Rapids. Wealthy Street Theater puts on independent and cult films, in addition to shows and seminars. Ballets, live music, you name it - if it can be found amongst the intellectual elite, it can be found here. East Grand Rapids boasts the first freestanding Starbucks in Grand Rapids. It also houses the Blodgett Campus of Spectrum Health hospitals. Reeds Lake, located adjacent to East Grand Rapids High School, offers running trails and a city park. The outstanding municipal services, desirable homes, and feeling of community make East Grand Rapids a great place to live or visit.

 Baxter: Eastown's somewhat less desirable neighbor, Baxter is a neighborhood often classified as "restoring" - once a place without much pride, this neighborhood is coming around and boasts increased community pride, creating more parks and gradually becoming a safer place to live.

 Heritage Hill: Known for its incredible historic homes, Heritage Hill is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright House, and boasts a tightly-knit community of responsible home-owners who strive to preserve homes in Grand Rapids dating back to the 19th century. Many homes are split into apartments, making them an affordable option for renters. The tree-lined streets and walkability of the neighborhood to downtown and Eastown make Heritage Hill a pleasant place to live and visit for all classes and races.

Heartside District: The neighborhood in the center of town, Heartside District is one of Grand Rapids' ongoing projects, and is the business district and sports center of the city. Van Andel Arena, which is home of the Grand Rapids Griffins Hockey Team and brings various big name artists to the city to perform, is in the heart of the district. Heartside is also home to the nightlife district of the Ionia corridor, including numerous bars and the B.O.B. (Big Old Building).