There are numerous sources of information for Grand Rapids tourists, and perhaps the best and most obvious starting pointing would be the city’s official website .  Here one can find gobs of travel advice and a list of attractions to see during your visit.  

The site provides more of the same, although its layout and content caters far more to the person looking for something to do.  Additionally, the site furnishes the viewer with extensive information on when and where to go in the greater Michigan West Coast region, should you choose to spend time outside city limits.  

For even broader geographical exposure of what’s on the net as regards visiting Michigan, check and for more good facts, figures, and guidance.

Plain old is the web presence for the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, which also provides extensive information for tourists off its “Visitors Information” link.

Finally, the West Michigan Tourist Association is a wonderful storehouse of recommendations of ways to have fun and to shop smart when in the region.  Choose Grand Rapids under the “Go Directly to: ” drop-down on the right-side of the site for suggestions and expertise relevant to the second biggest city in Michigan.