When it comes to weather, Grand Rapids is rather pleasant.  Located only thirty miles from the lake, its temperatures are rarely oppressive in the winter or summer, though extremes can be expected in both directions a couple times a year.  Suffice it to say that climate fears should not determine when to plan your visit to Grand Rapids.

For the artistically inclined, Grand Rapids is best in summer.  In early June, the city sports its Festival of the Arts in its downtown, during which time residents from around the region gather to take in all the sounds, visuals, and tastes the Festival offers.  Furthermore, the Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is best seen in the fall, when a walk through its botanical gardens is most physically comfortable and aesthetically rewarding.

The fine arts and culture of Grand Rapids, however, does not stop for any particular season.  Check the Opera Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Symphony websites for information on upcoming seasons and tickets to events.  Aside from infrequent summer shows, neither venue is open during the summer.  

Other Grand Rapids museums, such as the Van Andel Museum Center and the Gerald R. Ford Museum , are open year round.

There is no perfect time to visit Grand Rapids, and what season you choose for a timeframe should be dictated by personal artistic tastes and less by weather.