Downtown Grand Rapids offers plenty of nightime opportunities for fine dining, drinking, and entertainment. The BOB, short for Big Old Building, is a renovated warehouse, and offers four floors of fun, including a sweet nightclub, comedy club, fish house, steak house, and casual bar and dance floor in the basement. The BOB is one of the pricier options downtown, but is a great option for the variety and the mix of people, ranging from beautiful youngsters to classy (and generally wealthy) middle-agers. Crush plays loud dance music and has a hopping dance floor, which is usually full. Girls hop up on a stage if they're feeling watchable. The club has two insanely busy bars operated by sickeningly competent and handsome bartenders. Dress up for Crush - no sneakers allowed. Crush rejects can hang out on the second floor, where there is generally live entertainment and a room with pool tables.  Almost every weekend one can spy a rowdy bunch of bachelorette parties on the second floor.  

 In East town, Grand Rapids visitors will find a good time at Billy's, which offers plenty of live bands in a casual (and loud) typical bar. Billy's offers various theme nights, including an 80's night on Sundays which is highly popular with twenty-something locals. Billy's is a great spot to catch local music, and attracts crowds from East Grand Rapids both young and old, and generally cool.