For obvious reasons, the best time of year to visit Holland is in the spring or summer. During the warmer months there are more events and festivals going on, and you can do more of the activities outside. You can still visit in the fall or winter and see events, but the weather will be much colder and less pleasant to be around. You can still participate in sports and events in the area in the colder weather, but a lot of the things you can do will have to be limited to in doors. When you visit in the spring or summer, you have the option to do things in doors or out doors. There are a lot of fun things that take place in the city out doors, so you don't want to miss out on them. You should always check the weather reports before you head out to Holland. You can expect the summer months to maintain a temperature around 75-85 degrees farenheit. In the winter months, however, the temperature will be much colder. It usually ranges from 20-40 degrees farenheit throughout the winter. You should pack accordingly for the seasons that you are visiting. If you go in the summer, you should bring t-shirts and shorts. If you go in the winter, bring pants, sweatshirts, and jackets.