Mackinaw takes pride in its history and parks, and its museums and interconnectedness with Mackinac Island make these sources of self-satisfaction very transparent.

Check the Icebreaker Mackinaw…when it re-opens.  Temporarily closed at the beginning of Summer 2006, the Icebreaker will open again very soon as an upgraded public museum dedicated to the ship’s history of breaking ice in the lakes surrounding and interrupting Michigan’s geography.  Stationed at Chief Wawatam dock, the Mackinaw, WAGB 83,  kept lakes open as long as possible in order to aid war effort in WWII.  When visiting, peer into its powerful engine system and voluminous fuel capacity.

Mackinac Island activities are very much part of Mcakinaw City’s culture and the two locales feel as though they share attractions.  For example, a favorite Mackinaw City destination is the Colonial Michilimackinac , a reconstructed eighteenth-century fur-trading center that ultimately occupied by the British towards the end of America’s colonial phase.  Travels fall back into the past while on tours in the Michilimackinac and some of the other reconstructed time capsules scattered on the Island.

Mackinaw City also has a fairly vibrant performing arts scene, with the Mackinaw Theater, located in Mackinaw Crossing, having staged popular and nostalgic pieces for decades and the free outdoor music festivals occurring every summer.  

The additions of music and theater to the area’s tourist economy lend Mackinaw City diversity in both lifestyle and allure.