Although not the best site for practical vacation recommendations a la Mackinaw, the city’s official web is an excellent starting place, as it links to both the Mackinaw Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor’s Bureau.  Residents will most likely find the information on this site useful, what with all the municipal info on waterworks and the police force of five regulars, but tourist help here is sparse.

The Visitor’s Bureau, however, is spectacular.  Separated from the above site by a mere .com instead of .org, this online locale is as Yankee Doodle Dandy as any brand-aware all-American tourist destination can be.  Check its comprehensive lists of shopping, accommodations, and special events tips and guides, all linked to from the homepage’s left-hand sidebar.  

The Chamber of Commerce offers much more than the typical city’s chamber online presence, at least when it comes to helping set one’s itinerary.  Check the Visitor Info drop-down, particularly the Things to Do category, to get an easy interface into the city’s happenings and attractions .  

Finally, the pages dedicated to the Mackinac Historic State Parks are extremely user-friendly and comprehensive.  This site is a must-visit for any prospective Mackinaw City visitor, as nearly all vacationers to the region make a stop onto the Island, eighty percent of which is cloaked in the trees and tourism that comprise its parks.