This the place to go if you want to get kids away from the TV and video games!  And instead, interested in some outdoor time and physical activity! 

Stratford Pond is located off Ashman Rd, near the U.S.10 Hwy. overpass.  There is an area that is roped off by a buoy line for swimming with a nice sandy beach. Sometimes life guards are present and sometimes not.  At the buoy line the water depth is about 4 feet.  This beach seems to be a favorite place for people that like playing with their metal detectors

Small fishing boats and kayaks share the rest of the lake.  It is a small lake, so don't plan on waterskiing on it! I believe no motorized boats are allowed on the lake, but not sure.

The beach area also has a bathroom with running water and  picnic table area that has a roof on it, but not otherwise enclosed.  In the beach area, there is also a small cute painted metal play sculpture with a slide. 

 Next to the beach area, there are volley ball areas.  Nice and sandy.  Feel free to join in. 

And also floating docks for fishing.  A great place to get a kid interested in fishing.  The fish are very small, but you are guaranteed to be catching them every time you cast.  Very exciting fishing for the grandkids!   Limit the number of kids you bring to 1-2 or you won't be able to keep up with the number of fish they are catching!  Worms and a small bobber work well.  Have never fished there and NOT caught fish. 

Near the docks are walking trails and people like to walk their dogs there.

There is also a roofed picnic area with open sides for larger groups in this area.  It's a bit of a walk to the bathrooms from there.  But nice for a large group of people with lots of picnic tables. There is a drinking fountain near the parking lot.

A bicycle "moto-cross" course is set up with lots of "hills" for kids to "catch some air" on their bikes, and in fact, bike races are held there at certain times, with an announcer on a loud speaker system and lots of parents to cheer them on!  Just join in - the races seem to be pretty informal as far as joining in.  Lots of parents cheering, so pretty exciting for the kids.

 There is a large paved parking lot, and sidewalk that goes to the beach area.  There is an area with shade trees and grass, so if you are in a wheelchair, you CAN get to this area near the beach, as well as to the fishing docks.

As with any time you visit a public place, it would be GREATLY appreciated if you would LEAVE NO TRACE.   It is very sad when people have no respect for the park and leave trash and cigarette butts laying about. Please clean up after yourself (and others if needed!) when you leave the park so it can remain a beautiful place for others to enjoy.