Scolnik House - Muskegon's newest cultural attraction.  This home has been restored to recognize the depression era of  U.S. History.  The house was built during victorian times, however the period depicted in this home represents a time in this country when people were experiencing financial hardship and furnished and decorated thier homes accordingly.   The simple interior is touching and will remind you of the homes of your older  friends and relatives.   A must see.

Hackley Hume Homes - These two homes, built side by side and just one block from the Scolnik House are some of the finest examples of Victorian Architecture in the Midwest.  Unique and facinating, they are wonderful to experience. for all ages  The woodwork is outstanding with one of a kind carvings  The furnishings represent the actual history of the area.  Many great real life stories to hear as you enjoy the home tour.

Muskegon Museum of Art  - One of the finest small art museums in the country.  A must see.

Monet's Garden - A small replica of Monet's garden on the corner of a city block in downtown Muskegon.   Very colorful and great for pictures.  Just around the corner is Heritage Memorial Garden.  This garden is filled with benches with special memorial messages about family and friend.s  Down the block is Hackley Park.  This is a traditional park square surrounded with Civil War Statues.  Many local events held in this historic park. Other private gardens found in this historic neighborhood which is also home to the Muskegon County Historic Museum.  The County Musuem has great interactive displays for children and important exhibits on the History of Michigan.