Once you have seen the locks, bought all the trinkets you need and eaten all of the "fresh fish" you care to; take a short side trip to a place most travelers to the "Soo" never imagined. A couple of miles down river from the Soo is the ferry dock to Sugar Island. You'll find it on your left as you reach the only golf course in the area. A round trip ticket is about 4 or 5 dollars for the car and driver; passengers add a little more. The Island is definitely a get-away-from-it-all location. Good blacktop roads and many locations for shutter bugs.

A few places of note you will not want to miss: The Hilltop Bar, Ed's Bayview Store, the North end loop and Homestead.

The Hilltop Bar -- straight off of the ferry on "1  1/2 Mile Road", go to the top of the hill in front of you, it's on the left; perhaps stop here at the end of your tour.

The North end loop -- continue East after the Hilltop all the way to the East side of the island. The road turns North and proceeds all around the North end. As you travel, keep your eyes open for delightful views of Canada, many fantastic cabins (some a lot more than cabins) and a church that is over two hundred years old. Eventually the road swings South (do not take the Brasser Road) and brings you back to "1  1/2 mile road"; continue South.

Ed's Bayview Store -- time for an ice cream cone and trinkets if you don't have enough. Don't forget the shirt to remind you of the Island.

Homestead -- this portion of the trip is about 15 miles one way, but the range of sights is extensive: Indian dwellings, old farm lands, a historic meeting hall built by the Finnish community some 80 years ago, historic grave yards and pleasant resorts. At the end of the road you'll want to stop for a few refreshments again.


At Homestead just head North on the same road you used to get here. Keep going until you find "1  1/2 Mile Road" again; when you do, turn left and you're heading toward the ferry dock. Now is the time to "wet your whistle" at the Hilltop in case you did not do it earlier.

After getting off the ferry, turn right and soon you'll be back to reality; soon you'll be back in the Soo.

Thanks for visiting and come back real soon.