Traverse City welcomes visitors during all its glorious seasons. Visitors can use the contrasting weather conditions as a tool and choose their vacation based upon their personal desires.

Summers remain in the 80's and reach the high 90's during the month of July. The evenings are sometimes more than 20 degrees cooler than daytime temperatures. Pack a light jacket during an early summer stay in Traverse City. The inland areas and the bay west of Old Mission peninsula are warmer than the east bay and Old Mission itself.

The wooded areas change color around September with occasional rain showers. The winter creeps in during October. Sometimes, a premature blast of snow occurs in October. The windchill factor can be quite heavy in the dead of winter, December to February. Even though it is 40 degrees outside, it may feel like subzero temps.

Spring weather is particularly peculiar in Traverse City. March may still feel like winter to visitors from warmer climate zones. April and May temperatures fluctuate between 40 and 60 degrees on any given day.

Additionally, certain activities are more enjoyable during specific months. Winter and Spring are off seasons for many wineries. June and August are ideal times for beaches. The water temp is just right during these months. Lastly, skiing is available from December to early March. Watch weather forecasts for lake effect snow, which occurs when the Canadian air currents blow across the lake. This causes snowfall to be unpredictable.