An important key to planning a time of year to visit the city of Minneapolis is understanding the local weather.

            Temperatures in Minneapolis are rather extreme, but more so in the winter months than the summer.  If cold weather is a problem, then avoid a trip between the months of December and February.  During this time, the average high temperatures never crawl above freezing (staying around the high 20s), which means that the low temperatures are even colder.  Note that the city’s skyways (enclosed walkways that connect 80 square blocks of the downtown area) can eliminate outdoor walking.   

            July is the hottest month of the year, during which time the average high temperatures are in the lower 80s.  Compared to other states in the US, this in not bad, but the humidity will make it seem hotter than it really is.  The most comfortable months of the year are May, June and September, during which time the daytime temperatures stay around the lower 70s.

            For complete weather information visit Minneapolis Weather.

            Although most theaters and museums are open year round, the summer time provides great opportunities to attend outdoor festivals.  For more information about the various summer events held in the city, visit Minneapolis Annual Happenings.