Taxi options in St. Paul include: Suburban Taxi, City Wide Cab Co., Yellow Cab, Diamond Cab, and AAA Taxi Cab Syc, among others.  While St. Paul is a capital city and there are areas of the downtown where it is possible to hail a cab, it is best to call up one of the above cab companies before you begin your trip and verify that they will serve the tourist destinations that you will be visiting.  Another smart move is to add the telephone number of the cab company to your cell phone ahead of time.  That way, when in a pinch, or during a sudden outbreak of rain, you can simply call the cab company and request a cab to pick you up.

As for rental cars, most people pick one up at the airport.  All the big-name rental car companies serve the Minnesota-St. Paul International Airport (Avis, Hertz, etc.).  While St. Paul is a thriving city of over a quarter million people, its various tourist destinations can be spread many miles apart, and a rental car can be useful.  If you chose to forgo the rental car option, be sure to plan out your trip so that you can depend on a combination of busses and light rail travel.

Look at a map and print one of the area you are visiting.You can include directions which may or may not be the best route in a cab.The rates and traffic patterns affect the fare, so a short distance avoiding traffic are your best option.Show your driver your map and if he has another suggestion then ask him to show you on the map.This will be helpful if you make the trip a number of times. If you like a driver then ask for their direct phone number.