The land of a thousand lakes is how Minnesota is often described, and the St. Croix Valley region and Stillwater certainly have plenty of water nearby – still or otherwise. All this water means that the summers can be very humid, and while it doesn’t get especially hot in Stillwater in the summer it can feel much warm. It isn’t the heat as they say, but the humidity. July and August are the warmest months on average, and the summers can be wet in these parts.

 January is the average coldest month in the region, and during the winter it is uncommon for the region to get heavy snowfall, with long periods below freezing. But this time of year isn’t a total dead season, and this is when the activities in the great outdoors turn to ice-skating, skiing and snowmobiling.

The spring and fall can be pleasant with mild temperatures during the daytime, and evenings that are a bit cooler. Spring arrives late in these parts, and fall seems to show up sooner too. But both seasons are mild enough that you’ll find plenty of time to enjoy Stillwater’s scenic surroundings.