The mild climate in Biloxi is a dream climate for many travelers. The subtropical weather is generally humid and similar to the other gulf states. The Gulf coast winds and the water are both comfortably warm. The southern heat creates a casual setting and a relaxed dress code under most circumstances.

Falls can be rainy, but the sun prevents the rain from becoming cold. Winters are short in duration and stay much warmer than other parts of the United States. Some days, there may be sudden freezing rain or a few especially chilly days. Travelers who arrive in the Winter should definitely check the weather forecast while they pack. The weather may occasionally call for gloves and a hat in the colder weeks.

Winter is usually completed by February. The temperatures are usually around 60 degrees high and 40 degrees low. The summer begins somewhat earlier on the Gulf Coast than the rest of the United States. May or June are ideal months of travel before it becomes too hot outside. Also, the water temperatures are pleasant during these months. July is the most humid and the temperatures reach the 90's. Individuals not accustomed to this heat should remind themselves to drink ample water.