Visit and walk through the Branson Craft Mall on S. State Highway 165, located next door to the Motel 6, Branson.  The mall is located on State Highway 165, known locally at Gretna Road and across the road from the Branson K.O.A. Campground.

             Admission is free, just make sure if you want to touch it you want to buy it.  Lots of interesting handmade items, perfect for souvenirs, family keepsakes and gifts for the hard to shop for friends or family.

           Plenty of parking and the folks there will treat you right as well as offer you a yummy taste of their delicious edible treasures.  MMMMM, good stuff Maynard!  You can even leave your vehicle or bus at the Branson Motel 6 next door and walk right over.

          You can't go wrong learning from the craft experts and seeing their products and their skills will amaze any age person from the youngest tykes to the most senior person in your party.  Lost arts of handcrafts can be an opportunity to teach and share in memories of times before the electronic game era or the "tube" amusements.  Share a joint adventure and discover the special keepsakes hidden inside the Branson Craft Mall.

          Your time will be a wise investment whether you buy or just learn to admire the craftsmanship and live entertainment, that may or may not include dancing or singing. :)