On a rainy day in Cuba MO... On a rainy day in Cuba, you can still pick up a brochure at the Visitor Center and drive around to see the murals. You can also visit the History Museum on Smith if it is open or go to the library across the street where there are computers. There are also two antique malls on the north service road. Javanet on Hwy. 19/Franklin has coffee, books, WiFi, and computers. Travelers are welcome, and there are cozy nooks. The Main Street Bakery is a good place for coffee, pastries, or lunch. And Cuba has the smallest Wal-Mart in the U.S.. There are serveral independently owned restaurants as well as fast food restaurants. Ask about them at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, which has rest rooms, WIFI, free coffee, hot tea, and water. Mace's Grocery store on Hwy. 19/Franklin has a Deli, video rental, magazines, and books. Get more information on the murals at www.cubamomurals.com and www.cubamomurals.com/wordpress