The Magic House is St. Louis's Children's Museum. It provides children with hands-on learning experiences designed to be fun, engaging and memorable in a creative and stimulating environment. The Magic House is a special place where families can explore, play, discover, experience, pretend, construct and create together. 

Here you can touch an electrically charged ball and make your hair stand on end, transform your silhoutte into a kaleidoscope of color, lift yourself with a pulley, freeze your shadow on a wall, experiment in a water playground, make a three-dimension impression of yourself and zoom down a three-story slide!

The Magic House has many areas packed with fun.  There is the Children's Village where children can learn about their community in a just-their-size grocery store, bank, electric company, construction site, restaurant, victorian house, pond and library.  In the Expericenter children can experiment in the science lab and use their creativity in the Art Studio.  A Little Bit of Magic is an area designed for children ages 1-6.  Here they can explore a mirror maze, dig in the sandbox, perform a puppet show and find a secret mouse house.  In the Fitness Center children can test their flexibility, strenght and endurance;  experience the sensation of racing a wheelchair; amd move to music as their motions are displayed in color.

 The fun of learning has come alive again at The Magic House!