St. Louis is a city where sports are a huge part of daily life and an central theme of the city's culture. Both locals and tourists perceive St. Louis as a "baseball town" because of the St. Louis Cardinals's importance in the city, but there are sports aspects outside baseball too. Here's a quick overview of the local sports teams and events:

 1.) St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) - No spring or summertime trip to St. Louis would be complete without a trip to see the St. Louis Cardinals in action. One of America's most historic baseball teams, the St. Louis Cardinals have a long, celebrated history that includes a tradition of success, many Hall of Fame players, and some of the most dedicated  fans in the entire sport. The atmosphere is always energetic and family friendly, and you can expect strong attendance at the stadium no matter the weather or competition The Cardinals play in new Busch Stadium, which opened in 2006.

 2.) St. Louis Blues (hockey) - When push comes to shove, many St. Louisians feel just as much passion for the St. Louis Blues hockey team as they do for the Cardinals. Since their first season in 1967, the Blues have had a dedicated following. The team has a strong history that includes association with many great National Hockey Leagu players. However, as of the 2013 season the Blues have never won the NHL's Stanley Cup, and continue on their mission to reach that pinnacle. The Blues play in the Scottrade Center in downtown St. Louis.

3.) St. Louis Rams (American football) - The St. Louis Rams moved to the city in 1995, and won the Super Bowl five years later. The Rams' time in St. Louis has been marked by feast-or-famine levels of success, with the years prior to 2013 marked by many consecutive seasons of abymsal or mediocre preformance. The Rams are currently embroiled in a controversy over public funds being used to renovate their home, the Edward Jones Dome.

4.) St. Louis Bilikens (college basketball) - While St. Louis did at one time have a professional basketball team, the only way for locals to get their college basketball fix is at the Chafietz Arena, home to Saint Louis University's Biliken basketball team. The Biliken basketball team has previously acheived a national level of success, and were being recognized nationaly again for their outstanding preformance during the 2013 college basketball season.

5.) Various Soccer-realted events (no team) - Many St. Louis residents also share an interest, or outright passion, for soccer/futbol as well. St. Louis's Italian neighborhood know as "The Hill" was home to one or more members of the famed 1960 USA World Cup soccer team. A past professional club, known as the  "St. Louis Steamers",routinely played to large crowds at the old "St. Louis Arena" in the 1980s. There have been local attempts to bring a Major League Soccer team to St. Louis, to no avail thus far. A 2013 friendly match featuring Manchester United held at Busch Stadium sold out all 40,000 plus tickets within mintues.